Monday, June 1, 2009

What happened to May?

I can't believe it's June! We had a very busy May, and I'm just now catching my breath, albeit temporarily. Two of my daughters have early May birthdays, so the first two weeks of May were consumed by cake-baking, gift strategies and the planning/executing/cleaning trifecta of kids' parties. Then we had a big cookout, then an out of town guest, then we came down with maybe-swine maybe-regular flu. And of course, we had soccer and Memorial Day observations thrown in. Whew!

In that whirlwind I made a few observations:

1. Napa cabbage makes the best coleslaw. I typically use shredded broccoli for slaw because I think cabbage is boring. But I had a bunch of leftover purple and Napa cabbage leftover from Pioneer Woman's Asian Noodle Salad. (Go make this salad today and bring it to a place where there are people to ooh and aah over it. You will be a rock star!) I made a beautiful and delicious cole slaw with it, and the texture is perfect. It is just between lettuce and cabbage, and when sliced looks like confetti. What a find! I'm putting it in pulled pork tacos tomorrow!

2. Five Guys Burgers are the best. Better then In-N-Out for me, because the roll is sweet and delicious and you can put any toppings you want. The sauteed mushrooms are a must!

3. All children should be third children. Mine potty trained herself this month. I think she realizes she's pretty much on her own as far as child rearing goes...

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Brooke said...

I love the self-teaching potty trainer. Was she at the point where she was like, "so...I know you're busy so I'm going to work this one out for myself. I'll get back to you."

Sorry I got so dumb there with the technology of linking...Don't know what came over me.

Great to see the writing and what you're up to. I'm definitely a fan of shredded cabbage for making great food in a flash. Will try the recipe from Pioneer Woman, for sure.

Cheers. Glad you're feeling better!