Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Works for me Wednesday - Delayed Start Dishwashing

For years, I have had dishwashers with a delayed start feature. I don't like to run my machines when I'm not home (I grew up with a dishwasher that was prone to flooding the floor.) so I never saw much use for this feature. Boy, have I been wrong!

I often find myself needing to wait to run the dishwasher. Sometimes, the girls are about to take a shower, and I don't want them to have to compete for hot water. Sometimes I'm running out for a quick errand. Sometimes, I have the whole thing ready to go, but some straggler is still using a dish. Inevitably, when I walk away from the machine, I forget to return and hit the start button. If only there was a way to make it start later, without me needing to remember...

But wait! What are these 2, 4, and 6 buttons on my dishwasher? Now when I have a full load of dishes, I throw in the detergent and delay-start it. After dinner, I delay it 4 hours. That way, the showers are done, and if someone decides they want a dish of ice cream after the kitchen's clean, I don't have to wait for the dish. On my way to the gym in the morning? I'll be back in 2 hours, have it start then.

If only I could delay-start everything!

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Buffie said...

I do this all the time. I love the delay setting.