Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soda Club Review

I drink a lot of seltzer. I mean A LOT of seltzer. I used to go through 2 or 3 12 packs a week, or a 2 liter bottle a day. It was pretty inconvenient for a lot of reasons, but my environmental guilt and dislike of lifting heavy objects ranked at the top. And the fact that I was damaging the environment and throwing my back out so that I could pay an exorbitant sum of money for WATER (which comes free from my tap) drove me to find another solution. Surely there was a way to carbonate my own water? I mean, surely seltzer bottles weren't just for clowns? I started googling to find out.

Enter Soda Club soda maker. I found the clown-style, hand-held seltzer maker first, but I quickly moved on to the Fountain Jet system as more practical for everyday use. The soda maker itself sits right on the counter and doesn't take up too much space, so it's always available. It comes with a tank with enough CO2 gas for 110 liters of seltzer, and 1 liter bottles that you fill with water and keep in the fridge until you are ready to use them. When you want seltzer, you just screw the bottle into the soda maker and push a button until you've reached the desired level of fizziness. There are also soda syrups you can add to make your own soda, if that’s your thing.

I have owned my soda maker for almost a year and a half now, and I love it. I find that the CO2 doesn't really last 110 liters, but it lasts me 2-3 months. I keep an extra tank on hand in case I run out. The tank can be exchanged at Boaters' World locations or you can order a new one online, leave your old one outside your door, and some magical sprite will switch it for a new one in a few days.

Flavors. I tend to drink the seltzer plain, but sometimes I flavor it with a little fruit juice. Cherry, cranberry, POM, grapefruit, Rose's sweetened lime, or nectars work particularly well. I also use RealLime powdered packets with success. Of course, I sometimes just put citrus slices into the glass I drink from.

The soda maker is a huge hit whenever people come to my house and see it. I joke that I should get a commission, because I have "sold" six of them so far. Aside from the obvious convenience, people like the freshness of the taste and the adjustable fizziness. And I like that I always have something on hand to serve people, and can always make more!

For anyone who drinks seltzer, this truly is a must-have product.

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Brooke said...

How cool! I think I need to buy this. Asap.